Ty Boone Enterprises

Nonprofit Coaching & Consulting


Angela L. Thompson

“Ty has helped me to find a career choice when I did not know what I wanted to do with my future. She not only gave me excellent advice on career choices, she also instructed me on how to get started and guided me in the right direction.  Ty is a very resourceful person and an excellent source of motivation. Thanks to Ty, I was able to confirm my academic direction, return to college and pursue my goals of higher education.”


Janet Johnson ,
Peer Mentor PHA IV,
(Social Work/Drug Counseling)

“Ty has helped me in my life. She has encouraged me and believed in me when my self -esteem was so low I couldn’t believe in myself. She has helped to teach me how to get out of myself and help those around me. She has taught me that “being of service” means so much more than simply doing things for others. Being of service includes teaching others how to empower themselves and Ty has taught me that by teaching others how to empower themselves teaches me how to empower myself. Ty has taught me to dream and dreams do come true. She has encouraged me to go back to school and fulfill the dreams that I had lost when I became involved in my drug addiction to the point where nothing else mattered. She gave me hope when I was in treatment and allowed me to volunteer in her work when others would not have even wanted me around. She gave me hope and encouraged me to share my story so others might benefit from my struggles and not have to go through some of the pain that I have allowed and put myself through. She has picked me up from where I was and taught me how to believe again in the God of my understanding and to reconnect spiritually to that God and hold on for all He has in store for me. By teaching me and encouraging me to grow again spiritually and working with Ty has opened doors for me that this old ex-drug addict/HIV+ person would have never thought would ever or could ever have opened for me. Ty works with the “whole” person in all areas of their lives. This woman seems to see in others what they can’t/won’t/don’t see in themselves. I just want to say thank you to Ty for being the rock in my life that I need and can still depend on when my faith starts to a fall and I can’t see the “big picture” somehow God gives you the insight to see His plan and you keep encouraging those like me to persevere on and run the race until the finish line because it’s never over until God says it’s over and there is much work to be done.”


reashanda photo.jpg
Reashanda White
Owner, T&R Consulting

“Ty has been a phenomenal colleague, business associate and friend. She embodies a positive attitude, excellent work ethic and great intellect. Moreover, her sense of humor and positive outlook on life despite the obstacles, make her a joy to be around and a pleasure to work with.  Through collaborative efforts, Ty and I have produced a plethora projects, programs and events that have surpassed our anticipated outcomes and desires. I look forward to continued partnerships and doing much more successful business with Ty and her companies in the future.


Bridget Photo.jpg
Bridget Byrd
Owner, Brigete’s Good Manners & Etiquette

“Ty has been a terrific friend and a fantastic professional in my personal and business life. She has produced two projects  for me and did so with a positive attitude. Her skills are cutting edge and well advanced…”