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Get up from there!



You will find that many of my posts stem from childhood memories. While I previously thought that my childhood was pretty uneventful.  I have come to realize that my childhood hood was filled with experiences and events that help to make me who I am today.

My mother was very active in the church, and that made me automatically “active” whether I wanted to be or not. Of course there were times when my friends and I goofed off in the pews or fell asleep long before service was over, but there were many lessons learned there as well.

One  of these lessons was that “God Can’t Use You Sitting Down”. Now, no one told me this, but I remember someone singing a song in church on several occasions that included the exact words. “Get up from there sitting down, God can’t use you sitting down”.   Since coming into adulthood, I have finally gotten the true meaning of the song.

First, God has His purpose for each of us, however it we sit on our gifts and continue to neglect our purpose even after He has clearly instructed us toward it, then what good is it to have a purpose for us?

Have you ever been a position where you know exactly what He has chosen for you to do? You know that He has given you this time and season to do it in, yet you think of every reason possible not to do it.  You decide to put it off and literally “sit” on it, eventually never getting it done, never fully accepting and stepping into His purpose for you.

So, you sit there and are not being used to your potential. Because you know that you should be doing more your wellness suffers, definitely at the spiritual level but perhaps even at the emotional, physical, financial, intellectual, and social levels as well.  You find yourself dissatisfied and even disgusted. However, the simple fix was to GET UP!

If I am planning a vacation and have  packed, bought the airline tickets, and booked the hotel, my vacation will still not become a reality until after I have gotten up. If I stay home sitting on the couch and never make it to the airport, the plane is surely going to leave without me. The hotel will soon cancel my reservations if I do not show… and on top of that the airline and hotel will not give me a full refund of my money, at least not without some dispute.  Think of how much easier it would have been if I had just gotten up and made my way to the airport!

Getting up is the first step. If there is something that you need to take action on, you have to get up and pursue it. In the same manner that the airplane will take off and leave you if you did not get up and make it to the airport in time for your flight, you will continue to “sit” in a non-productive place of wellness, whether it be  unhappiness,  insecurities,  dissatisfaction (and the list goes on)  if you do not get up and make a conscious and action packed decision to get up and change the situation. If you want to change your life and your situations for the better, you must first GET UP from where you are, not just physically but mentally as well.   A mind that is not fed with positivity loses creativity, becomes complacent, and loses energy in the same way as a body does that is inactive and that receives an unhealthy diet. Eventually the unhealthy body will prefer to “sit”, just as the under-nurtured mind will eventually allow you t o lose creativity and results in the lack of motivation to GET UP and do what needs to be done.

As we begin our wellness journey, GET UP FROM THERE, we have someplace to go!

Be Well!


  1. Love this article girl!!! I was about to get up and do a “Holy” shout and dance. Very true words of encouragement and TRUTH!!!!

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